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How To Do Yoga During Peak Times At Work – Three Easy Ideas

This article is for you if you find yourself thinking that you’d like to do yoga, but you lack the time. Especially when we talk about yoga during peak times at work. In fact, this is a big reason why researchers do not try yoga. Or other exercises for that matter. If you find it is hard to fit yoga into your day, Yogademics has you covered. In this post, we share three ways how to fit yoga into your most busy days. You will find weekly virtual Yogademics classes if you visit and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

1. Try yoga in the morning

You might want to hit the snooze button one more time. However, if you take the 15 extra minutes to fit in a short yoga practice, your body benefits from it during the day. It might help you get rid of morning muscle stiffness, let go of stress and boost your focus for the day.

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2. Try yoga in the office

Your first thought might be “no way”. There are plenty of resources with yoga videos between 5 and 15 minutes that you can do in the office. Either when it’s from the home office or from your work. Find a space, invite your colleagues, learn three simple office stretches or try a 10-minute office routine .

Click on the image for an exercise in the office

3. Try short yoga exercises

In case of emergency, you can still treat your body with short yoga exercises. Yogademics has made several short video exercises so far, and more will appear in the future. These are 1–2-minute yoga exercises that you can do on a chair or next to it. You will find an example below. Follow and subscribe to the Yogademics YouTube Channel to find more yoga shorts in the future.

Click the image for three short stretches!
Click the image for three chair yoga poses

How to justify yoga during peak times for yourself

It can be hard to put yoga into practice, especially when you’re busy. Fortunately, yoga has numerous benefits such as stress relief and anxiety reduction. At the same time, you are working on a strong and flexible body. Importantly, research shows that yoga may increase attention, concentration, and memory significantly. Thus, you are working to optimize your focus which in turn benefits your workday.

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