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Weekly classes are great for both organizations and friends. These classes exist of 60-minute yoga classes for up to 15 people. The only thing you need is a space. We will bring the yoga class and the materials to your location.

We offer classes based on Vinyasa Yoga. This is a dynamic and more powerful yoga style, characterized by a ‘flow’ of poses, which basically means a sequence of different poses. Movements are paired with breath. Each class starts with poses to activate the body, followed by sun salutations to warm up and then standing and seated poses. We end the class with calmer poses and an end relaxation. Vinyasa yoga is great for beginners, as well as more experienced individuals.  

To book yoga for your team, colleagues or friends at your location, Yogademics offers the following options:

  • Single class
  • 6 weekly classes
  • 12 weekly classes

To book weekly classes:

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