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Three Easy Yoga Stretches For In The Office

Your focus gets better after a good stretch in the office. And during a workday, these stretches should be easily implemented. That is why you’ll find several new poses that you can actually do in the office. I tried them out in “office-y clothes”, and you can follow along. Specifically, today we will try three easy yoga stretches in the office that works on multiple body parts at the same time. In the video, you’ll find many hints as to how to do these poses. I suggest you follow the video several times and then try to do these passive stretches by yourself.

Three easy yoga stretches for in the office

What are the benefits of three passive yoga poses?

  • Stretching various muscles in the legs. By sitting a lot, the body automatically shortens muscles in the legs. For example, the calves and the hamstrings. The hips also get tighter by sitting for long hours. By doing the poses, you gently allow your muscles to stretch up. Don’t expect to develop full flexibility overnight. However, do expect to counter the effects that sitting has on our bodies if you repeatedly do the exercises.
  • Releasing tension in the lower back, neck, and shoulders. Same thing here, we build up tension in the lower back and neck through sitting most of the day. Also, we tend to (unconsciously) pull up our shoulders when we sit. Doing the three poses provides a great opportunity for muscles to loosen up.
  • Strengthen the upper back, arms, and shoulders. Developing some strength in the upper body is important as it improves posture and reduces the pain that comes from sitting too long.

Where to do yoga poses in the office?

The most convenient way to do yoga during work hours is by working from home or if you have a personal office. However, also if you are not working from home. You could still try and do the three easy yoga stretches for in the office. In a shared office, you can easily do them there. Although, if you share a space, I would really encourage you to ask your colleagues to join after some time of focus. Another way to involve your colleagues in office yoga is right before lunch and at the start or at the end of a meeting. You could also try to integrate the three yoga poses at the day start or right before you go home.

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