How Yogademics works

Yogademics brings yoga (close) to you. There are options that you can book directly, including online classes and personal yoga. weekly classes and workshops are available by request. 

To book an online or personal class right away click HERE

Yogademics online

What’s the advantage of online yoga classes? You can do them in the comfort of your own home! You only need three things: a mat, your laptop, and flexible clothes. You can find more information clicking on "Yogademics online" or sign up by clicking the button below.

Yogademics personal

Prefer a more personal approach? Personal classes are tailored to your specific needs and are available at your preferred location. Personal classes are 1:1.

Yogademics weekly

By request

Weekly classes are great for both organizations and friends. These classes are 60-minutes for up to 15 people. The only thing you need is a space. We will bring the yoga class and the materials to your location.


By request

Yoga workshops are great for organizations who want to offer their teams and employees a way to feel relaxed, vivid, and energized while working on flexibility and strength. Workshops are about 90 minutes and are tailor-made. They are fitted to specific occasions based on your needs. For example, during conferences or Friday afternoon activities.