Yogademics personal classes

We offer personal yoga classes near you or online. This is a yoga class in a 1-on-1 setting. This allows for more personal attention, modifications and adjustments. Personal classes are based on Vinyasa Yoga and are adapted to your personal questions and needs. Personal yoga classes are a premium service. Therefore, personal yoga requires a higher investment, which pays itself off in the experience. Several benefits of a personal yoga class:

  1. First, personal classes give you your first experience with yoga in an extra safe environment. Moreover, you can prepare yourself for group yoga classes.
  2. Second, there is plenty of room to adjust and modify poses. This is also ample time for personal feedback.
  3. Third, we work around your schedule and your location. Moreover, with personal yoga classes you will have that extra accountability to maintain a regular yoga practice. This is particularly important when traveling.

The structure of a class

yogapose, halfway lift

Vinyasa is a dynamic and more powerful yoga style. It is characterized by a ‘flow’ of poses. This basically means that every class exists of a sequence of different poses. Movements are paired with breath. Each class starts with poses to activate the body. This is followed by sun salutations to warm up and then standing and seated poses. We end the class with calmer poses and an end relaxation. Vinyasa yoga is great for beginners, as well as more experienced individuals.  

To book a personal yoga class

Booking a personal class is easy, just follow the steps below. Depending on the location,  it is both possible to do it online or in real life. Generally, yoga classes are indoors but if desired, we can also go into nature. Note, the first personal class comes with a discount, so feel free to use this discount to your advantage now it is still there. 


  1. Sign up here. Leave several details so we can contact you.
  2. Buy a personal class pass. (The first class is on a reduced rate).
  3. Koen will contact with a booking link.