Yogademics online classes

Online yoga classes for academics and expats have the advantage that they can be done from your own home. In fact, they can be done from any location! For example, our online yoga classes are ideal to join when working from home. The only things you need are a mat, your laptop, and flexible clothes. It helps when you point a webcam at yourself during the classes. This way we can give you feedback and suggest modifications during the class. 

Is this your first yoga class? Take a look at our blog on how to prepare a first yoga class. If you are not sure whether you want to join an online group class… You can always opt for personal yoga classes for academics and expats, where guidance is more personalized.

Picture of an online yogaclass

The structure of a class

We offer online yoga classes based on Vinyasa Yoga. This is a dynamic and more powerful yoga style, characterized by a ‘flow’ of poses, which basically means a sequence of different poses. Generally, movements are paired with breath. Each class starts with poses to activate the body. This is followed by sun salutations to warm up and then we will do several other standing and seated poses. Lastly, we end the class with calmer poses and an end relaxation. Vinyasa yoga is great for beginners, as well as more experienced individuals. 

How long are online yoga classes

The “Monday Moves”. These classes are 30-minute free online yoga classes, starting at 8am. It is an initiative for you to get to know yoga and Yogademics.

Full classes. To experience all positive effects of yoga, there are the full 50 to 60-minute classes that are offered throughout the week. For the current schedule, sign up here

How to sign up for Yogademics online classes

To enter the full online classes, click on the button below. Yogademics offers class passes which you can easily pay. For example, through iDeal or credit card: 1-class pass 5-class pass 10-class pass You can sign up by clicking the button below. Once you signed up, the Zoom link will appear in the booking website 30 minutes before the class begins.