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A short foreword. Welcome to the Yogademics blog on Yoga and academic research. Here, we discuss everything that is relevant for combining an academic lifestyle with yoga. In fact, you might wonder why this blog has been set up in the first place. If you tried yoga, you may have felt a ‘lightness’ after the class. Light in terms of feeling more flexible, and light because your brain felt somewhat more at ease. This is exactly why we think that Yoga is a great way to excercise and we provide free resources to start practicing. Specifically, for academics and expats.


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This article describes the science around how yoga relieves stress.

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Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to practice yoga when traveling for academics. The goal of this blog is for you

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This article will outline several steps that will guide you to pick up a yoga practice, the right way.

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Although academia has great perks, our way of life can be quite stressful. For example, the deadlines we need to make, a feeling of competition, and  uncertainty about our careers. As a result, we reside a lot of our time in our thoughts. Another source of stress is the long days we make in a seated position. This has its consequences for our body. In both cases, yoga has a scientifically backed effect on the stress that people experience.


This is where this blog and our yoga offering come in. This place can help you start a yoga practice or how to optimize your yoga practice. In the (near) future, we will also discuss scientific papers on yoga and how they apply to the life of academics and expats. Also, this blog might give some tips on how to reduce stress in general. Even when you have no experience yet. We also provide hands-on tips for how to incorporate yoga in your lifestyle.


In conclusion, we hope you enjoy this blog on Yoga and academic research. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Moreover, we are open for suggestions for our future blogs. Lastly, if you are reading this and you would like to co-author a blog, also feel free to contact us. Or if you like more personal guidance on how to start yoga, click here for our yoga services