Yogademics: Yoga for academics and expats

Your yoga classes should aim to make you feel relaxed and energized, while working on flexibility and physical strength. Yogademics provides yoga classes for both individuals and organizations. We focus on expats with an academic job. However, we also welcome other professionals who sit or travel a lot for their work.

Practicing yoga to relieve stress

Our services

You can choose from online classes, personal (1:1) classes, and workshops fitted to specific occasions. For example, we present at conferences and organize yoga for your Friday afternoon activities. Classes are available in English and Dutch.

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Why invest in vitality in the workplace?

Many organizations currently realize that vitality among their colleagues is key. For example, to decrease sick leave numbers, increase sustainability, and support long-term goals. Our yoga-related activities aim to help individuals and teams to feel more energized. Moreover, it helps to develop healthy ways to deal with stress. Healthy colleagues feel more satisfied overall and radiate this to the rest of the world.

“You’ll learn how to use yoga to train your focus and get a more flexible, pain-free body.”

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Practicing yoga to relieve stress

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About our classes

Of course, we will make sure that a yoga class fits your wishes and needs. In general, our classes are:

  • Down to earth 
  • Easy to follow
  • Open to all levels of experience
  • English or Dutch
  • Online or live

For more information on zoom classes, group classes, personal yoga, or company bookings click here.

Future vision

Yogademics’ future vision is to destress people working in academia and people who live as expats. Particularly, we aim to do this through yoga as this practice improves physical health and provides a moment of relaxation. At the moment, Yogademics is starting up in the Netherlands and Australia, but we aim to become a fully international community. Above all, if you are interested in a yoga class, or workshops, or want to support Yogademics in any other way, please contact us, or buy us a coffee (click the coffee button at the lower left-hand side)