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Are you someone who wants to get started with yoga? Yogademics is available as your online or personal yoga instructor, in English or Dutch, suitable for beginners and those with more experience. Click on the button to sign up now!

Do you represent a University, research department or other institute/business and want to organize an event or yoga lessons for your team? Contact Yogademics now!

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“Yoga for all who want to get out of their chairs”

What is yogademics?

Yogademics is here for academics who are seeking physical exercise and mental clarity! Take the time for yourself, get on your mat and join the classes.

  • Open to any level of experience
  • Down to earth and easy to follow
  • Strong poses for a fitter and more flexible body
  • Conscious breathing to actively relax
  • Classes in English

There are zoom classes on Friday morning for anyone who wants to attend. For more information on zoom classes, group classes on location, personal yoga, or company bookings click here

Future vision

Yogademics’ future vision is to work together with people all over academia and other sedentary professions by actively working on their physical health while giving them a moment of relaxation. In the Netherlands and internationally, by bringing accessible yoga classes online and to your location.